Local MP Backs Energy Saving Trust Report

March 20, 2008 11:10 AM
Energy Savings Trust

The report was produced by the Energy Saving Trust

Cheadle MP Mark Hunter has today welcomed a new report from the Energy Saving Trust which finds that smart meters have the potential to save people in the North West a massive £135,520,000 and 833,000 tonnes of CO2 per year on their energy bills.

Smart meters, devices that show real-time energy usage and track energy usage over time, allow homeowners to understand their gas and electricity consumption so that they can take targeted steps towards reducing their energy bills.

The Report finds that, 'ultimately, smart metering has the potential to change how every household in the UK views and uses energy'.

Commenting after the publication of the report Mr Hunter said, "Climate change is a serious threat to our world today, and we need to ensure that Britain is making every effort to reduce its carbon emissions. By using green technologies, a real impact can be made for the good of the environment.

"The Liberal Democrats have spoken out about the impact individual homeowners may have in combating climate change in our Climate Change Starts At Home report. Improving the energy efficiency of all our homes is crucial to combating climate change, as they are responsible for over a quarter of all of our carbon emissions.

"Current utility statements are complicated, confusing and antiquated. We must take full advantage of technological advancements to modernise our systems and to truly be a leader in the fight against climate change.

"The Government has too often mistaken having a target for having a strategy. We must make use of green technologies to make a real impact on carbon emissions. Smart meters not only achieve this aim but also reduce the impact of skyrocketing energy bills on our pocketbooks."

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