Local MP stands shoulder to shoulder with brave Gurkhas

March 20, 2008 3:21 PM

Mark and Nick at the Gurkhas Rally

This week Gurkhas who served in the British Army demonstrated outside Parliament because the Government is denying them their full pension and the right to British Citizenship - Cheadle MP Mark Hunter joined them along with Liberal Democrat Leader Nick Clegg MP.

Hundreds of Gurkhas demonstrated outside Parliament, many of whom have served in the British Army for decades, by handing back the many medals and commendations they received in protest of the treatment they have received from the British Government. Unlike their British counterparts only those who were discharged after 1997 will receive a full pension.

Mark Hunter joined them at the protest and afterwards supported Nick Clegg in the Chamber during Prime Minister Questions where he called for justice and equality for these members of our armed forces.

Speaking at the protest Mr Hunter said: "I find it incredible that those who have given so much can be so badly treated by our own Government. Many of these soldiers who have risked their lives for this country are now left living in poverty waiting for their citizenship to be determined. It is immoral and unfair discrimination at the hands of this Government.

"You can see just how deep the anger here is, when you see these ex-service men giving back their prized possessions, their medals; because they feel they have been let down after they served our country so willingly, loyally and bravely.

"It has truly saddened and angered me to see yet again the lack of recognition and appreciation this Government has for our armed forces. These soldiers deserve our respect, thanks and more than this, fair treatment, in return for the sacrifices they have made.

"Surely if a person is willing to die for this country, then they should have the right to live in it!"

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