Labour and Tories should apologise for Iraq War

March 27, 2008 11:20 AM
Mark in chamber

Mark spoke out against the Iraq War in the House of Commons this week

During an opposition day debate this week in the House of Commons on the need for an inquiry into the Iraq war, Cheadle MP Mark Hunter spoke out against the Iraq war and questioned the legitimacy of the invasion.

Liberal Democrats, who were the only one of the major parties not to support the Iraq war from the outset, called on Labour MPs who had rebelled against the original decision to go to war, to join the opposition in calling for an inquiry into the conflict.

Mr Hunter spoke out during the debate stating that the 'regime change' argument offered by some MPs for joining a war in Iraq were invalid as there are many other countries in the world, such as Zimbabwe for example, which are run by evil dictators who show no regard for their own people.

Speaking after the debate Mr Hunter said, "We are calling for both Labour and Tory MPs who supported this disastrous invasion, which has cost the lives of over 170 British Service men and women, and the tax payer billions of pounds, to apologise to the British Public.

"For the Conservative party now to call for an inquiry into the Iraq war, when they themselves supported it at the time is frankly hypocritical. If this is what they really want then they should have the courage to admit their role in this fiasco. If the Government had not had their help and support it's unlikely Britain would have been dragged into this disastrous conflict."

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