Top level talks with Prime Minister to secure better funding for hospices

May 6, 2008 2:18 PM
St Ann's Hospice

Mark is helping St Ann's get fairer funding for their hospice

Cheadle MP Mark Hunter, will this week lead a delegation of MPs for top level talks with the Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, over future funding arrangements for hospices.

Currently hospices - such as St Ann's in Heald Green - have to find two thirds of all their funding for themselves with Government providing only one third. In the case of St Ann's this means they have to find some £16,000 per day just to fund their existing services.

Mr Hunter was alerted to the financial difficulties facing hospices by Mr Terry McDonnell, Chief Executive of St Ann's and raised the matter at Prime Minister's Questions earlier this year when the Prime Minister agreed to Mr Hunter's request to meet an all-party delegation of concerned MPs.

The MPs will be accompanied for their meeting on Wednesday this week (7th May) by Mr McDonnell representing St Ann's hospice and the 'Help the Hospices" charity.

Speaking in advance of the meeting, Mr Hunter said: "I'm pleased the Prime Minister has agreed to meet with us - he must know that there is a genuine concern over the funding for hospice services - shared by people in all parties - and that action is needed now to guarantee hospice services for the future.

"The Government has the perfect opportunity in its 'End of Life Care Strategy', due to be published shortly, to address this issue once and for all. I hope the Prime Minister can re-assure us that they will seize this chance. It can't be right that places like St Ann's - who do so much wonderful work - have to spend so much time and effort on fundraising."

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