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Mark Hunter

Local MP Reveals Unacceptable Mortality Rates from Strokes

May 16, 2008 3:02 PM
Mark asking question in Parliament

Mark's Parliamentary Questions shows staggering mortality figures from Stroke.

In response to a question from Local MP for Cheadle, Mark Hunter, the Government has revealed staggering figures of the mortality rates from strokes in England.

The most recent figures show there were 45,244 deaths from stroke in England in 2006. 6,798 of these people died in the North West, 80 of whom lived in the Cheadle constituency area. The figures from the area reveal that mortality rates have increased 18 percent from 68 deaths in 2004. Stroke is the third greatest killer in the UK and it is the leading cause of long-term, severe disability in adults.

Following the publication of these figures, a group of hospitals across the North West and The Health Foundation announced a new programme aiming by 2010 to increase by 30% the number of people in the region who could survive a stroke.

Responding to the mortality figures, Mr. Hunter said, "I heartily welcome the new initiative to improve stroke care.

We can and must do more to provide quality services to patients who suffer strokes. It is inexcusable that many other major western countries are outpacing the UK in treating patients with cerebrovascular disease, which often leads to a stroke, and thereby decreasing their mortality rates.

Proper care is essential within 24 hours of a stroke and, tragically, we have seen too many people become severely disabled or die needlessly. The Health Foundation issued a report showing that less than half of all people who have a stroke receive a brain imaging CT scan within the critical 24 hour window.

It is imperative for the Government to do their duty and ensure that national guidelines which require all stoke victims to undergo this procedure are being adhered to."