A555 Relief Road action needed now say local MPs

June 4, 2008 3:27 PM
Mark PMQ

Mark demanding action on the A555 Relief Road in Parliament

Urgent completion of the A555 Relief Road has again been demanded by Cheadle constituency MP Mark Hunter and Hazel Grove MP Andrew Stunell.

Speaking at Transport Questions in the House of Commons this week (Tuesday) Mr Hunter raised the issue with Roads Minister Tom Harris asking him if he was aware of the widespread concern locally about the apparent lack of progress in delivering this much needed and long awaited scheme. He went on to emphasis the unique difference of this particular project namely that the middle section is already built!

Mr Stunell asked the Minister if he would take up the offer to visit the site of the scheme to personally see the difference it would make to local residents by reducing levels of congestion and pollution. The Minister replied by saying that he would be happy to consider that option.

Speaking after the debate Mr Hunter said "We will be writing to Tom Harris reminding him of his predecessors promise to come and see the situation and urging him to do the same. I know that SMBC officials and senior civil servants are still involved in talks around a possible phased construction, but frankly what local people want is to see a "green light" from Government so that the scheme can go ahead.

"It is intolerable that so many local residents continue to have their quality of life blighted by the sheer volume of traffic now using our residential roads. We need the Relief Road now and I am determined to carry on campaigning for its completion."

Mr Stunell added, "Unlike many new road schemes the relief road is already partly built, to not complete it would be completely nonsensical and a waste of the public money that has already been invested.

Residents continue to suffer under the sheer weight of traffic, pollution, and noise. They continue to be distressed by lorries thundering past their homes along roads that were only ever designed for local traffic. All the while the Government dithers with their decision, refusing to give a definite yes or no. This scheme has been left uncompleted for far too long and we need an answer now."

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