Local MP encourages constituents to get involved in Save the Children's 'Knit One, Save One' campaign

June 3, 2008 4:24 PM

Mark is encouraging constituents to knit hats to save newborn babies around the world

Cheadle MP Mark Hunter is asking people across the community to get their knitting needles out and take part in Save the Children's 'Knit One, Save One' campaign. Experienced knitters and novices alike are knitting hats for vulnerable newborn babies in countries around the world. Attached to the hats are messages asking the Prime Minister to make saving children's lives a priority.

Mr Hunter said: "The large majority of childhood deaths are preventable and it's wonderful to know that a simple solution such as knitting a hat can help save a life. I hope the fact that such a small action can have an impact and will inspire people to take part in this campaign and knit a hat for Save the Children."

Pneumonia still kills a staggering 2 million children each year. Newborn babies are particularly vulnerable as they cannot control their body temperature. It takes just 2 minutes for a wet, newborn baby to lose a dangerous 2 degrees in body temperature. Most of this vital heat is lost through the soft spots on a baby's head so a woolly hat can mean the difference between life and death.

As well as backing this campaign, Mr Hunter has supported a Parliamentary Motion (EDM 898) calling on the Government to ensure that all children and their mothers get access to basic healthcare, adequate nutrition, clean water and safe sanitation.

Save the Children will send the hats to places where large numbers of newborn babies die each year such as Kenya, Tibet and Zimbabwe. Tibet Programme Manager Tashi Tsering says: "Parents do everything they can to protect their babies from cold. But the most important thing - putting a hat on a baby's head - is neglected. That's like leaving a thermos bottle filled with hot water but without a lid."

'Knit One, Save One' is part of Save the Children's biggest ever global campaign which aims to get 10 million people to take action by 2010 for the 10 million children that die each year before their fifth birthday.

For more information about this campaign or to download a 'knit one, save one' kit please go to www.savethechildren.org.uk/knitting or call 0207 012 6705.

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