Mark Hunter MP stands against unfair BT charges

June 27, 2008 6:36 PM

Mark is standing against BT new £18 charge on customer who choose not to pay by direct debit

Mark Hunter, MP for the Cheadle Constituency is taking a stand against BT's new policy to charge customers who choose not to pay their bills by direct debit an extra £18 per year.

Earlier this week Mr. Hunter signed an Early Day Motion on this subject in Parliament which points out that such charges often affect those on the lowest incomes most. Mr Hunter has also written to BT asking that they reconsider their policy and drop the new charging system, pointing out that the motion has the support of well over a hundred MPs.

Speaking on the subject Mr. Hunter said: "I have been contacted by many constituents who are outraged at BT's new charging policy and other similar charges being employed by energy companies. They have complained, and I agree that BT's new policy blatantly discriminates against those who choose for whatever reason to pay by direct debit.

"It is those on low incomes, the elderly, disabled and young parents that suffer the most. They often don't feel comfortable setting up direct debits which take money out of their accounts before they know how much their bill is, because for many - especially in the current economic climate - paying for food accommodation and bills is a monthly juggling act that takes time and planning.

"To charge these individuals an extra £18 penalises families on lower incomes, taking money from those who are struggling most with today's economy. These are often vulnerable individuals, such as the elderly who desperately need a phone line to stay in touch in family and friends.

"I have written to BT asking them to reconsider this new charging policy and stop charging extra to those who can least afford it, and will also be seeking a debate about this issue in Parliament."

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