Local MP speaks out in Parliament against Manchester C Charge programme

July 2, 2008 5:33 PM
Mark speaking in the Chamber

Mark spoke out against the introduction of the Manchester Congestion Charge in the House of Commons

Cheadle MP Mark Hunter today told the House of Commons of the "seething resentment" felt by many residents in his constituency at the prospect of having to pay the proposed Greater Manchester Congestion Charge. Speaking in a debate on the consultation process for the controversial scheme, Mr Hunter added that the proposals were fundamentally flawed and particularly unpopular with residents outside the proposed outer ring of the charge zone.

Explaining why he was "not persuaded" of the case for a referendum Mr Hunter said, "The question of whether to proceed or not will be based on a different premise depending on where you live. I can well understand why a city centre resident might think the scheme is good news because they will not have to pay, but will benefit from the public transport improvements. In the Cheadle constituency, on the other hand, all residents live beyond the second outer ring and will therefore have to pay twice to get into and out of the city centre without benefiting from any of the improvements to public transport."

Mr Hunter went on to say, "As far the promised improvements to public transport are concerned - we've heard it all before from the government, so why should we believe them now? We were first promised the Metrolink extension many years ago, and the completion of the A555 Relief Road was on the agenda even earlier than that - but we're still waiting!"

Mr Hunter also made clear that if the GMPTA do proceed with the proposed referendum across Greater Manchester he will be campaigning for a "NO" vote alongside his constituents.

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