Local MP brings fight against Manchester C Charge to Parliament

July 11, 2008 4:04 PM

Mark has invited the GMMG to Parliament to discuss the Greater Manchester Congestion Charge

Cheadle MP Mark Hunter has invited the Greater Manchester Momentum Group, an alliance of international, national and local businesses concerned about congestion charging to Parliament to meet other MPs and put the case against the Manchester Congestion charge to Members of Parliament and Ministers.

The meeting which will examine the Transport Innovation Fund bid and potential impact of congestion charging on businesses, commuters and families across Greater Manchester is to take place on Wednesday 16th July 2008 between 2-3pm in Committee Room 10 in the House of Commons.

This move comes after Mr Hunter spoke out against the Greater Manchester Congestion charge in Parliament earlier this month during a debate on the proposals, stating that: "The constituents whom I have the privilege of representing will be asked to pay twice to get in and out of the city centre with no corresponding increase or improvement in public transport."

Speaking in advance of the meeting Mr Hunter said "I was anxious to bring representatives of local businesses to Westminster to allow them to tell other MPs how damaging this plan would be to the local economy and therefore the local people. I'm very glad that they have agreed to do so and that so many MPs are going to be present to listen to the concerns that many, including myself, have about this scheme.

"The current scheme is by no means a good deal for Stockport or for residents in the Cheadle Constituency. It's primarily those on the outskirts of Greater Manchester that will end up paying for this scheme and yet won't get the Transport improvements that those that live closer to the city will get. The Metrolink extension and the completion of the A555 Relief Road were promised many years ago but we are still waiting and until real improvements to local public transport are delivered we shouldn't have a congestion charging scheme imposed upon us.

"I hope that this event will help other MPs to understand the detrimental effect this scheme will have on the local area, economy and residents."

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