Local businesses join Cheadle MP for emergency meeting over Manchester C charge

July 21, 2008 10:28 AM
mark westminster

Mark was joined in Westminster by the GMMG

This week Cheadle MP Mark Hunter was joined in Parliament by representatives from the Greater Manchester Momentum Group (GMMG), an alliance of international, national and local businesses concerned about the Greater Manchester congestion charging.

The group, who had been invited to Westminster by Mr Hunter, delivered a presentation to MPs on problems which they think the congestion charge will cause for their businesses and the lives of their employees.

Present at the meeting were MPs from all parties and many areas of Greater Manchester, and the surrounding area. Also present as members of the GMMG were representatives from the trade union - Unite, who spoke about the effect they thought the Manchester congestion charge would have on their members.

After a short presentation from the GMMG, MPs had the opportunity to ask questions and made comments about the proposals and the consultation process.

After the meeting Mr Hunter MP said: "It was very helpful to have representatives from the GMMG visiting us here today and I'm grateful that they took the time to come here. It's incredibly important that we understand how this proposal will really affect businesses and the people that work in the city, and to convince as many MPs as possible that the current plans are not only flawed but are based on unsound evidence.

"It's very clear that a majority of businesses and local residents remain firmly opposed to this congestion charge scheme and the authorities must listen to public opinion."

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