Hunter and Stunell call for decision on A555 Relief Road

July 29, 2008 3:34 PM
Andrew and Mark

Mark and Andrew and both calling for the A555 relief road to be completed

Transport Minister, Rosie Winterton, has told local MPs that good progress is being made in discussions between senior civil servants and Stockport Council on the long-awaited A555 Relief Road - but she has disappointed them by declining to come and see the situation for herself.

Last week MPs Mark Hunter (Cheadle) and Andrew Stunell (Hazel Grove) received replies to letters to the Transport Minister, which had called for a decision on the A555 Relief Road and reminded the Minster of her previous commitment to visit the location of the scheme first hand.

Now the Minister says she has decided to "explore all possible avenues within available budgets" by asking Transport Civil Servants to co-operate closely with Stockport Metropolitan Borough. The Minister stated that the Civil Servants were currently considering information from the Council before making a final decision about how the scheme could be taken forward. Despite this positive news the Minister has apparently gone back on her assurance that she would visit the area.

In response to the letter Mr Stunell said: "The completion of our local road network is vital for the local community. Local residents and businesses have coped for too long with extremely high levels of traffic, damaging both the environment and the local economy as well as the peace and quiet of their homes.

"We have waited for this scheme for so long, and while I'm pleased that it seems to be progressing, residents shouldn't have to wait indefinitely for an answer - we need a green light from the Minister now."

Mr Hunter added: "The current traffic situation facing residents is intolerable with pollution and noise blighting everyday lives. Much public money has already been invested this scheme. All that would be wasted, and we would be left with the 'road to nowhere' half-finished unless the Government complete the Relief Road."

"It's positive news that the Department of Transport is still working with Stockport Council to try and find a way in which this road can be funded. Ultimately, however, the decision about the scheme remains with the Government and they have already dithered for too long before making it. Residents want and deserve a decision now."

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