Conference confirms Lib Dems are the only party who can deliver a fairer Britain, says Mark Hunter MP

September 26, 2008 1:11 PM
Mark It Happen

The Lib Dems launch new policy document at conference

Mark Hunter, Transport Spokesman for the Liberal Democrats and MP for Cheadle was this week at the Liberal Democrat Party Conference in Bournemouth where Nick Clegg the Liberal Democrat leader launched their pre-election manifesto, 'Make it happen'.

The document, which states the party's vision and values will act as the basis for developing the next General Election Manifesto, sets out in clear language the party's position on many of the important issues facing the UK today - including the economy, taxation and the health service.

The Liberal Democrats promise to deliver big tax cuts for people on low and average incomes. They also promise to invest more in education of the most disadvantaged children, replace the unfair and outdated Council tax which punishes those on a lower income, give back the profits from the energy companies who only last week announced more rising fuel prices, and protect civil liberties.

During the conference Mr Hunter spoke at several fringe events including two on improving public transport, one on the North West economy and one on the need to empower local government and communities.

Mr Hunter commented that "This conference has been a great success for us. We have been able to present to families and communities all over the country why we are the only party that can tackle head-on the biggest issues facing ordinary people, their communities and the world today.

"The biggest concern for many is the economy. Families are overstretched, many are reaching breaking point trying to keep their homes, pay their rising energy bills, feed their families, whilst also giving their children the best chance in life.

"Through 'Make it Happen' we have shown that we have a plan that can help ordinary families in a time of real hardship by delivering tax cuts for those families who need them. It shows that we can support our public services and that we can tackle climate change, without increasing the tax burden on already struggling families."

"As a Transport spokesman for the party, I also had the opportunity during the conference to speak on improving public transport. I argued that making efficiency, reliability, accessibility and increased investment in public transport a local and national priority was vital in order to secure the social, economic and environmental future of our country."

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