Local MP dares to wear it pink

October 15, 2008 2:17 PM
Wear it Pink

Mark "Wears it pink" to support Breast Cancer Campaign

Mark Hunter MP is joining forces with Breast Cancer Campaign to support its fundraising event 'Wear it pink' day on Friday 31st October 2008.

The theme of this year's 'wear it pink' day is 'dare to wear', and Mr Hunter is encouraging local residents to dig out their most unusual, imaginative and if possible pink outfits to wear on 31st October to raise money for Breast Cancer Campaign. The day will raise money to fund much needed research into understanding how breast cancer develops, to improve diagnosis, treatment, prevention and ultimately develop a cure.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in the UK and accounts for nearly one in three of all cancer cases in women. Breast cancer causes over 12,500 deaths each year in the UK, and over 10% of all women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. It affects men too, with 300 men diagnosed with breast cancer each year.

Speaking in support of the campaign Mr Hunter said, "Raising funding for breast cancer is really vital, we need to make sure the world class research teams that Breast Cancer Campaign support can keep carrying out their important work. Every year over 45,500 women are diagnosed with breast cancer and they rely on the developments that are taking place in research labs across the country being translated immediately into ways to improve their treatment and hopefully find a cure.

"I really urge all local residents to get involved by daring to wear their wackiest outfits on 31st October. Encourage your school or office to take part, perhaps just by wearing funny ties or pink scarves - however small the contribution you raise it'll make a big difference."

To get involved in the 'wear it pink' campaign, whether you will be working in an office, going to school or are simply visiting friends on 31st October all you need to do is donate £2 and wear an item of pink. For more information please call freephone on 0800 107 3104 or visit the website at www.wearitpink.com, to donate.

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