Mark Hunter MP Calls for Legislation to Boost Local Renewable Energy Schemes

October 20, 2008 6:27 PM

Mark seeing how renewable energy could work in practice

Mark Hunter MP for Cheadle has joined green campaigners, business groups and trade unions to call on the Government to pass new legislation that would boost the roll out of small scale renewable energy systems such as wind and water turbines and solar panels.


Mark learning more about renewable energy

Hunter is backing the introduction of a renewable energy tariff (sometimes called a feed in tariff) - which would guarantee a long-term, premium payment to households, businesses and communities that generate their own energy from renewable energy sources. Joining campaigners in Parliament on Tuesday Mark Hunter signed his backing for the measure on a solar panel.

Mark Hunter MP said: "The Government must act now and introduce a renewable energy tariff for local renewable energy schemes. Local people and businesses that want to invest currently aren't given the support they need. A renewable energy tariff is a simple and cost-effective way for the government to make sure they are properly rewarded. I'll do everything I can to support this vital measure."

Friends of the Earth's Senior Parliamentary Campaigner Dave Timms said: "Local renewable energy schemes could play a crucial role in tackling climate change and cutting fuel bills - but current government policies just aren't working. A renewable energy tariff would give a strong financial incentive for households, businesses and communities to invest in their own clean, green energy generation systems. We applaud Mark Hunter MP's support for this timely and important measure."

The Renewable Energy Association's Head of External Affairs Leonie Greene said: "The Renewable Energy Tariff will empower local people and local councils to invest in renewables - not just big business. In Europe you can find entire villages not only self-sufficient in renewable energy but making money from exporting their excess renewable power. MPs like Mark Hunter are fighting in Westminster for the Tariff so that people and councils concerned about climate change and the rising cost of energy can afford to take action themselves."

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