"Yes campaign tactics desperate and underhand"

October 15, 2008 4:29 PM
Congestion Charging

Mark says NO to congestion charging in Greater Manchester

Cheadle MP, Mark Hunter has today denounced the tactics being used by those who are arguing for a "Yes" vote on the Greater Manchester congestion charging referendum.

This comment comes after Mr Hunter was shown evidence that the 'Yes campaign' are attempting to fix the results of a survey currently being undertaken by a polling organisation, by including people from outside of Greater Manchester in their sample and skewing their questions in favour of the congestion charge. They have also, allegedly, presented untruths as facts - stating for example that the congestion charge wouldn't come into force until all of the transport upgrades were completed.

Mr Hunter recently distributed his own survey to all residents in the Cheadle Parliamentary constituency asking for their views on various issues - including the congestion charging scheme. Although responses are still coming in and the final figures are not yet known, an analysis of the current responses shows some 80% of local residents are against the proposals.

Speaking about this issue Mr Hunter said, "The unscrupulous methods of the 'Yes campaign' are becoming infamous and smack of desperation. They are spending thousands of pounds to promote the scheme calling it a 'consultation' and information campaign when in fact it's a massive PR exercise to gather support.

"The 'Yes campaign' is not only misinforming the public, but they aren't even asking the right people - the people the scheme will affect directly.

These tactics are to be deplored, but I'm confident local people will see right through them and make up their own minds about the proposals.

"Our own information shows that the majority of local people are against this congestion charging scheme. I will therefore continue to fight, with my Liberal Democrat colleagues and Stockport Council, against it."

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