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Local MP joins energy revolution at Bramhall Eco-Weekend

October 21, 2008 3:49 PM
Mark with Kate Eldridge, Stockport FotE Spokesperson

Mark joined Kate Eldridge of Stockport Friends of the Earth in calling for an 'energy revolution'

Local MP Mark Hunter joined Stockport Friends of the Earth at Bramhall Methodist Church last weekend (Saturday 18th October), where they launched a campaign for an energy revolution. The environmental group asked local residents to join in by painting their message onto a 'graffiti wall'.

Friends of the Earth say that he UK currently generates just 2 per cent of our energy from renewable energy sources such as the sun, wind, waves and tides - but the potential to do more is huge.

Kate Eldridge, Stockport Friends of the Earth group spokesperson, said: "Investing in renewable energy will bring enormous benefits to the UK. It will help us avoid dangerous climate change, provide a clean and secure energy supply and create hundreds of thousands of jobs and billions of pounds worth of business. The Prime Minister must stop trying to wriggle out of his green promises and get on with building a thriving British renewable energy industry."

Mark was pleased to offer his support to the local branch of Friends of the Earth, saying "Both myself and every member of the local Lib Dem team are totally committed to replacing the UK's dirty and archaic fossil fuel based power stations with clean, green and renewable energy sources such as off-shore wind and tides. The UK has some of the best wind and water resources in Europe and it's time we started taking advantage of them!"