Mark Hunter meets new Chief Constable

November 5, 2008 3:24 PM

Mark out and about with local police officers

This week, Cheadle MP Mark Hunter took an early opportunity to meet the new Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Peter Fahy and emphasise the concerns of his constituents about community policing.

The meeting, which took place in Westminster, was arranged by the Greater Manchester Police Authority to allow local MPs to meet the new Chief Constable. Peter Fahy, appointed following the tragic death of Michael Todd, outlined his vision for the future of the Greater Manchester Police, and answered questions about issues of concern which were raised by MPs.

Speaking after the meeting Mr Hunter said, "I was very pleased to meet Chief Constable Fahy, and wish him well with the challenging role he is taking on. I was glad to have the chance to put to him directly the very real problems and concerns in our area - especially the lack of police on the streets. Many people believe this shortage of police officers is encouraging crime and anti-social behavior to spread and it must be the Chief Constable's first priority to increase the number of 'bobbies on the beat' in our neighborhoods.

"Frankly we ought to have the same level of support as London, where each local government ward has a dedicated community policing team of six officers - a sergeant, two constables and three police community support officers. If our community were given the same support as London we would see a dramatic difference in our crime levels, with people feeling safer both in their homes and out in their neighbourhoods.

"I know from my own postbag, and indeed from my recent residents' survey, that many people agree that increasing the number 'bobbies on the beat' is vital for the security and prosperity of our community, and I will continue to fight for the same level of policing in our area as is enjoyed in London."

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