'Choose and Book' failing - says Mark Hunter

November 10, 2008 4:07 PM

Mark says 'Choose and Book' is failing local residents

Cheadle Constituency MP, Mark Hunter, has this week hit out at the "staggering complacency" of health Minister, Ben Bradshaw, following an exchange during a parliamentary debate in the House of Commons this week.

Mr Hunter had asked for a review on the efficiency of the 'Choose and Book' system now used to facilitate patient appointments at hospitals. Mr Hunter claims many local constituents have contacted him because of confusions over the new systems and the frequent delays caused by it. The Minister, refusing Mr Hunter's request claimed the new scheme was a "great success".

Speaking after the debate Mr Hunter said, "If the Minister really thinks 'Choose and Book' has been a great success he is living in cloud cuckoo-land, and I wouldn't like to see what he considers to be a failure! This system is a bureaucratic nightmare and many people are beginning to question just exactly how much is being spent on it.

"Local people, in my experience, do not necessarily want the choice of traveling long distances for a hospital appointment; they just want the minimum of delay in getting an appointment at their own local hospital."

"I was encouraged that members on all sides of the House were similarly critical of the 'Choose and Book' system and I do hope the Minister will think again and agree to a review - regardless of the party affiliations we should all share the same aim of attaining value for money and quality services for all the people we represent."

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