Well Done Bramhall! Says local MP

December 3, 2008 6:14 PM
Bramhall Hall

Bramhall Hall, the well known landmark

Mark Hunter MP for the Cheadle constituency, including Bramhall, has today welcomed the news that Bramhall residents are the happiest in the country with the community they live in.

"Changing UK", research conducted for the BBC by Professor Danny Dorling and his team at the University of Sheffield found that the people of Bramhall have a stronger sense of belonging to their area than anywhere else in the UK. This research looked at how communities have changed over 40 years, and compiled the national "anomie" index - a scale to estimate the percentage of people who feel a poor sense of belonging to an area.

Commenting on the news Mr Hunter said: "I'm not surprised at all that Bramhall has come out top of this poll, of course it has! Along with the rest of the constituency I have the privilege of representing in Parliament Bramhall is a fantastic and unique place to live and work, and I am very honoured to be part of such a thriving community.

"It's not just that people are friendly and that neighbours look after each other, but that people take the time to engage with each other. There are over 70 social clubs, societies and sports groups in the local area, I've met many of them and seen the real enthusiasm that the people involved have, not just for Bramhall as an area but for their neighbours who have become their friends. It's the kind of place where people work together to improve their surroundings and have pride in its appearance.

"Bramhall is a really friendly community; everyone is made to feel welcome from families to the elderly, to young professionals looking to settle down. I know that my family and I are extremely happy in Bramhall and that my children in particular have enjoyed growing up here, and I congratulate all its residents that this research has proved what a fantastic place this is."

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