"No" vote the right result - says local MP

December 16, 2008 12:51 PM
Stop the Charge

Mark fought against the local congestion charge

Mark Hunter, MP for the Cheadle constituency, has welcomed the news that Greater Manchester voted "No" on the Government's ill-advised and unworkable congestion charging proposals.

The result, which was announced on Friday, showed that all ten boroughs in Greater Manchester voted against the proposals, including Stockport where 103,706 people voted against and only 24,090 voted for the Government's plans - a margin of 81% to 19%

Commenting on the news Mr Hunter said: "This result has been a victory for common sense. I'm not at all surprised that local people made the decision to vote against these plans, but am very pleased that so many local residents took the trouble to vote so that their voice could be heard.

From the beginning I believed that these particular plans were poorly drafted and doomed to fail because they were unfair and unworkable for too many people, including those I represent in Parliament. The proposals failed to promise enough to local residents in terms of public transport improvements and therefore would have left too many people with no choice but to pay this 'tax'.

"The verdict is a crushing blow to the Government's plans and they must now commit to ensuring that Greater Manchester is not short-changed over future investment in public transport. I and other local MPs will now renew our fight to ensure that our residents still get the public transport improvements they deserve, including the Metrolink extension to Stockport"

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