Police Post opens at Bramhall High School

January 12, 2009 3:45 PM
Mark with PC Karl Cummings, PCSOs and pupils from Bramhall High

Mark is well known for his work to get more 'Bobbies on the Beat'.

Mark Hunter, MP for the Cheadle Constituency spoke at the opening of an innovative new Police Post at Bramhall High School on Thursday 8th January.

The Police Post is a groundbreaking idea that will use Bramhall High School as a permanent base for a Police Constable (Karl Cummings) and several Police Community Support Officers, in an area where there isn't a police station close by. The Police Post will hopefully give the community the reassuring presence of a neighbourhood bobbie and give the school children the opportunity to have contact with police officers from a young age.

Mr Hunter spoke at the opening about the positive impact the post will have on the local community, and was joined by Lib Dem Cllr Susan Derbyshire (Deputy Leader of the Council), the Head Teacher of Bramhall High School Mr John Peckham, Greater Manchester Police Superintendent Alison Fletcher and Stockport Council Assistant Chief Executive, and joint chair of the Safer Stockport Partnership Mr Ged Lucas.

If the Police Post is found to be successful then the Greater Manchester Police Authority hope to roll out the programme and base more police teams in public buildings in areas where there is no police station nearby.

After the event, Mr Hunter said: "This is a very positive step forward in my campaign to improve policing in our local area. As people know I've long fought for more police on our streets to combat antisocial behaviour, reduce crime rates and make our neighbourhoods places where people can feel safe and secure at all times. I think this Police Post will really help areas like Bramhall, where the nearest police station is at some distance, to feel more secure, in the knowledge that there are police officers close by that they can call on if they need to and that they will see out and about on patrol locally.

"The post will also encourage engagement with the public, not only will it give school students an opportunity to get to know their local bobbies, but the whole community will benefit by having a permanent police presence based in the area.

"I very much hope the scheme is a success and that it can be rolled out to other communities in the local area, however to do so effectively we need more police officers. I will continue my campaign for more resources for the Greater Manchester Police and more bobbies on the beat."

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