MPs should not be exempt from F.O.I. legislation - Mark Hunter MP

January 20, 2009 10:09 AM

Mark believes MPs should be subject to the same rules as everyone else

Cheadle constituency MP, Mark Hunter, an outspoken critic of previous attempts to exclude MPs from the Freedom of Information Act, has slammed new proposals - this time officially backed by the Government - which will be debated in Parliament later this week.

Describing the move to exclude MPs as 'shameful' Mr Hunter said it was quite wrong for MPs to exclude themselves from regulations and laws they expect the rest of the country to obey.

Commenting in advance of the expected vote this Thursday (22nd January) the Cheadle Liberal Democrat MP declared, "This is just the latest attempt to prevent full publications of expenses. In 2007 former Conservative Chief Whip David McLean introduced similar proposals which only fell when no member of the House of Lords was prepared to take them forward. I was strongly opposed to these ill thought out proposals at the time and, if anything, I am even more firmly against it now. It beggars belief that the Government have now decided to give these plans official backing. Parliament should not proscribe rules for all other public bodies that it does not apply to itself, and to do so would be simply hypocritical"

"This is precisely the kind of thing that gives MPs a bad name and I will certainly not be voting for it myself - I only hope there are enough members on the Labour and Conservative benches to see this latest move blocked".

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