Local MP backs campaign to improve chances for children

February 10, 2009 1:06 PM
Action for children

Mark is supporting the Action for Children campaign

Mark Hunter MP for the Cheadle Constituency, supported a special Parliamentary Motion this week backing a campaign calling for greater support for six to 13 year old children.

The campaign by the charity Action for Children is in response to their latest report, Stuck in the middle (1), which warns six to 13 year old children are struggling with a unique set of problems as they make the transition towards adolescence, yet these are going unsupported. The ages of six to 13 are identified in the report as a time when children become more independent, spend less time with parents, experience physical changes and develop new relationships. With these changes can come a host of problems which if ignored, the charity warns, can risk profound effects such as crime, drug and alcohol dependency, mental health issues or behavioural problems that could stay with children into adulthood.

The campaign by Action for Children calls for:

• A 21-year vision for children and young people established across the UK

• Agencies and professionals working with children and families to do more to recognise and safeguard the vital role of continuity, commitment and relationships built on trust in children's lives; and therefore ensure all children have at least one trusted adult who is there for them for them, especially in times of transition

• Governments and media across the UK to begin a responsible debate on the way our young people are perceived and highlight young people's contribution to communities

After signing Early Day Motion 442 (text below) Mark Hunter MP said: "Action for Children's latest report sends us an urgent warning: we must ensure that more support be put in place for six to 13 year olds to ensure that all children achieve their full potential in life. We owe every child this chance, and it's imperative that we give them this.

"It's great to see this motion gathering cross-party support. Children of this age group are vulnerable and their needs are currently being overlooked - we need to work together to ensure that all children have at least one trusted adult who is there to support them throughout these difficult years."

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