Stockport PCT facing £1.5 million black hole

February 26, 2009 11:21 AM

Mark and Andrew are campaigning to ensure vital services won't be affected

Stockport NHS faces a £1.5 million cut back over the next two years, according to figures passed to the borough's two Lib Dem MPs Andrew Stunell and Mark Hunter.

The shock reductions were outlined in a letter to the MPs from Stockport PCT Chief Executive Richard Popplewell, setting out reduced cash allocations over the next two years. He admitted that the PCT are still working through the consequences, and don't yet know what the effect will be on the PCT's spending plans and services.

NHS Stockport is already one of the lowest spending PCTs in the North West when it comes to mental health services. The Trust spends £7.3 million a year less than the North West average on mental health services, and spends only 21p per head of population on commissioning mental health services, the lowest in the North West and barely a third of the North West average.

Commenting, Mark Hunter MP said:

"This is dreadful news for the PCT, and could significantly impact upon its ability to provide good quality healthcare for the people of Stockport.

"I am very concerned that the PCT will now be left with no choice other than to cut services, which will impact, as ever, on the most vulnerable people.

"I will be contacting the Chief Executive to seek assurances that vital services won't be affected by the government's decision."

Andrew Stunell MP added:

"This is bad news for patients in Stockport.

"I am particularly concerned about the impact this decision could have on mental health services. Stockport already spends the lowest amount out of any PCT in the North West on mental healthcare, and any further cuts will leave some of the most vulnerable at risk.

"But there is bound to be an impact on other health areas, too, and I want a solid assurance that the NHS will be there for my constituents when they need it in the coming year."

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