Local MP challenged PM on lack of community police

April 1, 2009 5:40 PM

Mark challenging the Prime Minister for more bobbies on the beat

Mark Hunter, MP for the Cheadle constituency, during Prime Minister's Questions today in the House of Commons challenged the Prime Minister over inequalities in the current levels of community policing between London and the rest of the UK.

Sir Ian Blair, whilst Head of the Metropolitan Police announced that every Local Government Ward in London had a dedicated community police unit of six police officers - one Police Sergeant, two Police Constables and three Police Community Support Officers. The units or 'Safer Neighbourhoods' teams were rolled out across London in April 2006.

Mr Hunter asked the Prime Minister when the funds would be made available so that this scheme could be rolled out to all parts of the country in order that all residents in the Cheadle constituency and across the country could enjoy the same level of policing and security.

Mr Hunter has been campaigning both in Parliament and locally for more Government funding for the Greater Manchester Police and for more bobbies on the beat right across the area to help reduce crime and anti-social behaviour.

Mr Hunter MP said, "It's appalling that London is the only area of the UK which benefits from such a high level of community policing, while in recent years the Greater Manchester Police Authority has actually faced Government funding cuts and had to reduce the number of police officers across our area.

"Residents write to me constantly about the lack of community policing. The remaining police officers work very hard, but because of their reduced numbers there are simply not enough of them out and about on our streets. Our area wants and deserves a stronger police presence to help reduce crime and anti-social behaviour - not a 'fire fighting' service that only turns up in an emergency.

"It's scandalous that the Prime Minister is doing nothing to resolve the funding inequalities and ensure that Greater Manchester gets the same level of community policing that London does. You can be assured that I'll continue to fight for a fair deal for our area and for more bobbies on the beat."

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