Nick Clegg visits Cheadle constituency

April 8, 2009 4:16 PM

Last week, Liberal Democrat Leader Nick Clegg joined Mark Hunter MP in the Cheadle constituency. Together they visited the Seashell Trust (Royal School for the Deaf), the Cheadle Mosque, the Bramhall Police Post at Bramhall High School and the offices of the Stockport Express and Times.

Nick Clegg and Mark Hunter met with pupils and staff at The Seashell Trust, toured the school and took part in 3 separate lessons. Nick and Mark discussed the problems of mental health provision in the North West, the school's work and how they are sharing their knowledge with the rest of the region.

After this visit Mr Hunter fulfilled a long-standing invitation to introduce the party leader to the members of Cheadle Mosque. They also took part in a Question & Answer session on a wide variety of international and domestic issues. Nick and Mark then travelled to see the innovative Bramhall High School Police Post, which puts police at the heart of the community. The MPs met police officers and heard how the project was developing. Nick and Mark also faced questions from Bramhall High School students on topics including Student Fees and MPs Expenses.

Nick Clegg and Mark Hunter then met with journalists in the offices of the Stockport Express to discuss the proposed changes to the Guardian Media Group and redundancies plans at the paper.

Mr Hunter MP said, "It was a pleasure to welcome Nick to the constituency. He very much wanted to visit the Seashell Trust, to meet the staff and pupils and see the excellent work they are doing there. Nick also had an opportunity to speak to the staff about the state of mental health care provision in the North West and what more we could be doing to support the work of the Seashell Trust.

"Nick was very impressed with the Police Post and the commitment of the police officers stationed there. We both enjoyed meeting the students - it's always great to see students who are so engaged in current affairs and interested in politics. I was glad that we had the opportunity to have a meeting with the journalists at the Stockport Express as well. Our local paper plays a vital role in the community, not only providing news but strengthening our local identity - and I welcomed Nick support for the campaign."

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