Nothing in budget for local area - Mark Hunter MP

April 23, 2009 5:06 PM

Mark says the budget doesn't help local families

The Budget will do nothing for hard working families and individuals who are struggling with rising food, fuel and transport prices, says Mark Hunter Liberal Democrat MP for the Cheadle constituency.

This year's budget has been heavily criticised for failing to tackle Britain's unfair tax system and put money in people's pockets to help them cope with the recession. The Liberal Democrats alternative budget would cut income tax by £700 for the majority of families and tackle the unfair loopholes that allow the very wealthy to avoid tax. It would also cancel the ineffective VAT cut and invest in green projects across the country that would create jobs now to help boost the economy.

Commenting Mark Hunter said: "As the recession begins to bite people are noticing that more and more of their income is going towards paying for essentials such as food and transport, yet the Government has failed to give local families any practical help in this budget. Gordon Brown should have put money back into their pockets by cutting income tax by £700 for the vast majority of taxpayers and overhauled Britain's tax system which is too heavy on those who can least afford it and yet has loopholes which make it too easy to avoid for those who know how.

"This budget shows that Labour is out of ideas - it was a mish-mash of recycled announcements that have already failed to help. The Government failed to adopt sensible policies that would help the poorest and create new jobs - thereby condemning us to years of unemployment and a decade of debt. The Liberal Democrats would give practical help to families struggling in the current climate by cutting the vast majority of people's Income Tax bills by £700, paid for by taking aggressive action to clamp down on all the loopholes and exemptions that benefit the richest people and biggest businesses.

"The country deserves something better - a Liberal Democrat government, Vince Cable as Chancellor and a tax system that has everybody paying their fair share."

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