Local MP calls for urgent debate on Christie refund

April 30, 2009 4:25 PM

Mark is supporting the Cash back for Christie campaign

Mark Hunter, MP for the Cheadle constituency, who met last week with Cabinet Office Minister responsible for charities to demand a refund for The Christie and other charities that stand to lose money due to the collapse of Kaupthing Singer and Friedlander bank, today called for a debate on this issue in the House of Commons.

Mr Hunter was joined by Lib Dem colleague John Leech MP (whose Manchester Withington constituency is the home base of The Christie Hospital and its associated charity) at the meeting with Kevin Brennan MP. Last week the MPs questioned the Minister about what actions the Government are taking to negotiate with the Icelandic Government to ensure that all the money lost by charities and individuals is returned.

Today (30th April) Mr Hunter asked the Leader of the House, Harriet Harman MP for a debate on the need to refund The Christie and other charities that stand to lose out because of the banking collapse. The Leader of the House responded that the Government would look at how they could best update the House on the situation. Mr Hunter will also be joining campaigners when they present the'Cash back for Christie' petition' to 10 Downing Street next week. The petition, which calls on the government to help secure the return of the £6.5 million Christie charity money lost in the Icelandic banking collapse has already gained over 100,000 signatures in just a few weeks.

Commenting Mr Hunter said, "I've been working hard to keep the Government under pressure on this issue and take the campaign by the Christie to Parliament. John Leech and I met with the Minister to question him about what actions the Government has taken to ensure that the £50 million total lost by nearly 30 charities across the UK will be returned in full.

"The petition, signed by over 100,000 people, shows the strength of feeling from the local public on this issue and the Government can no longer ignore public opinion in my view. The charities affected, including The Christie have an incredibly important role in our communities and have been generously supported by local people. If the Government does not act to ensure that the money donated by the public is returned they will be abandoning those charities that rely on these donations to carry out their good work.

"I will press the Minister to follow up on her promise to update us on this issue and will continue to campaign for The Christie and the other charities involved, so that their money is returned."

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