Hospital Parking charges raised in Parliament

June 4, 2009 3:48 PM
Stepping Hill

Mark outside Stepping Hill Hospital

Mark Hunter, Liberal Democrat MP for Cheadle constituency has today condemned the increased parking charges at Stepping Hill Hospital in Parliament and asked for a debate on the broader topic of hospital parking charges.

Stepping Hill Hospital has increased their parking charges from £1.50 for up to three hours to £2 for two hours, £3 for two to four hours and £5 for over four hours. Mr Hunter highlighted the problems this would cause to hospital users, visitors and local residents, and asked the Leader of the House, Harriet Harman MP, for a debate on the issue of hospital parking charges.

Commenting after calling for the debate Mr Hunter said: "The increase in charges has really come out of nowhere, with no consultation from users or local residents. The charges have gone up dramatically, for example someone stopping for three hours, a not unusually long time for many hospital users, will now have to pay twice the amount they did a few months ago.

"In the current economic climate where everyone is watching their wallets these charges are unacceptable. Elderly people and young families make up a large proportion of the people that use the hospital and it is these people that in the recession really can't afford these new charges.

"The parking charge changes don't just affect those visiting the hospital but also local residents. People living in the surrounding streets already have to put up with roads full with the parked cars of hospital users, but now with the increase in parking charges I fear that the number of cars using these quiet residential roads as hospital parking overspill will only increase.

"It simply isn't fair that local residents around the hospital should continue to pay the price by having to put up with even more cars parking outside their homes."

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