Mark interviewed by Pownall Green Pupil radio

June 9, 2009 10:56 AM
Pownall Green

Mark being interviewed by Pownall Green pupil Matthew

Mark Hunter, Liberal Democrat MP for Cheadle constituency was interviewed, at his constituency office in Cheadle Hulme, by pupils from Pownall Green Primary school in Bramhall as part of a project for their school radio station.

The pupils, who were representatives of the school radio scheme, came to interview Mark about his job as an MP, for their school radio station. The pupils asked Mark about his role, what his work entails and what Mark's favourite and least favourite parts of the job are. The pupils were accompanied by their Headteacher Mr George Bulman.

Speaking after the interview Mr Hunter said: "It was great to see these young budding journalists taking an interest in politics and getting excited about using the school radio as a way communicating with their classmates. The school radio is a really innovative way of improving the sense of community in the school, as well as allowing the pupils to really shine in the shows broadcast.

"I was really pleased to have the opportunity to meet and chat to these bright youngsters about what being an MP is all about. I'm here to serve the community and it was a great opportunity to hear their ideas about what I can do to make our area better in the future."

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