Local MP welcomes Bramhall festival

June 18, 2009 10:39 AM
Bramhall festival

Mark will be supporting Bramhall festival as a special guest

Cheadle MP, Mark Hunter will be supporting the Bramhall Festival this weekend as a special guest.

The festival in Bramhall, organised by local businesses, takes place all day on both Saturday 20th (10.30-7pm) and Sunday 21st (12 noon-12 Midnight) June. There are a variety of events including a parade, the Imagine FM Roadshow, children's entertainment, different varieties of live music, cookery demonstrations, formula one car chassis with ritual race tracks, dancing (both country and Bollywood), and complimentary food and drink (including ice cream and Pimms). There are even special father's day events such as a father and child Wii competition and father's day 'meal deals' at local restaurants.

One of the highlights of the festival will be a special photograph taken to celebrate Bramhall having 'Britain's friendliest residents'. The village was found to be the friendliest place in Britain by social scientist working at Sheffield University, who also said that local residents have more community pride than anywhere else in the country.

Mr Hunter said, "I'm proud to live in Bramhall and be part of Britain's friendliest village. It's a fantastic place to live and this festival is an excellent opportunity to show our friendly spirit to people from the surrounding area. Local traders have done a great job in putting the festival programme together - they deserve our thanks and support.

"The Bramhall Festival is a chance for everyone from Bramhall and the wider community to come together and enjoy a weekend of fun, food and entertainment for all ages. There's so much on offer to look forward to, from a bouncy castle and treasure hunt for the kids to simulated clay pigeon shooting and complimentary sangria for the adults.

"It really is going to be a fantastic weekend full of fun activities and I would encourage everyone who can come along with their family or friends and get involved with the festivities."

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