Kingsway School opens ground-breaking support centre

June 23, 2009 12:25 PM

Mark opened the new 'Centre for Emotional Well Being' at Kingsway School

Mark Hunter, MP for Cheadle constituency, welcomed the latest initiative at Kingsway School, a new 'Centre for Emotional Well Being', when he officially opened the new facilities last Friday.

The centre includes an informal space for young people and key workers, a counselling/interview room, a coffee bar and internet café (to access online support). The school redeveloped the centre to build on their already 'excellent' (OFSTED graded) Care, Guidance and Support services.

The centre will be used by many of the school students but particularly those with personal, relationship, family and well-being issues. Work in the centre would involve many issues which affect the emotional and mental wellbeing of pupils - including confidential counselling, behaviour management, mentoring, smoking cessation groups, self-esteem group work, anti-bullying initiatives and eating disorders self-help group.

Commenting Mr Hunter said: "I was very pleased to be invited to officially open the new support centre at Kingsway School and very much welcome it. It's a fantastic initiative, which will provide excellent services for all pupils with personal or emotional problems, or who are simply going through a difficult time and need some outside support.

"The 'Centre for Emotional Well Being' will play a key role in the school - encouraging closer work between pupils, teachers, support staff, and voluntary and public organisations. This very versatile centre allows many services to be accessed in one place making it easy for young people to get the support they need to be successful not only in their education but also in the outside world. Other community based organisations will be able to use these facilities too, and I am sure they will be a great asset to our local area.

"The School has once again shown that it is working proactively to improve its care, guidance and support services and providing the additional support that some pupils need. Head teacher Mike Gledhill and his team deserve our thanks and congratulations."

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