Mark Hunter welcomes new Speaker

June 23, 2009 12:34 PM

Mark welcomes election of new Speaker

Cheadle MP, Lib Dem Mark Hunter, has hailed the election of the new Speaker John Bercow - Conservative MP for Buckingham - as a victory for common sense and a welcome step forward for the reform of Parliament.

Mr Bercow became Speaker after defeating rival Sir George Young in the final run off by 322 votes to 271. John Bercow MP will now take over from Michael Martin as the 157th Speaker of the House of Commons.

Speaking after the result was announced Mr Hunter said: "I am very impressed by John Bercow and was delighted to support him in his successful bid to become Speaker. Like me, John Bercow has an independent mind and I am sure is the candidate for change and reform which is so badly needed in Parliament. John rang me to canvass support and I was an early backer of his campaign to become Speaker.

"Now, Parliament must move on and I am confident that the election of John Bercow as Speaker is the first necessary step to reforming the outdated practices of the House of Commons."

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