Education Funding scandal

July 17, 2009 4:23 PM

Mark has spoken up for fair funding for Stockport many times in Parliament

Mark Hunter, MP for Cheadle constituency, this week revealed the latest figures which show that schools in Stockport Borough receives only just over half the money of schools in Manchester and £1,000 less per pupil than London.

Figures uncovered in a parliamentary question from Mr Hunter indicated that in 2009/10 while Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council only received £152,404 million from central Government through the dedicated schools grant. Manchester received £280,993 million. Stockport Council receives less than the English average of £194,872 million and only a fifth of the money allocated to Kent who receives a massive £791,332 million.

Per pupil funding was also less than Manchester with Stockport only receiving £4,043 per pupil compared to £4,731 for a pupil in Manchester and £5,044 per pupil in London.

Money from the dedicated schools grant is ring-fenced and comes directly from central Government to pay for schools, but does not include money for academies which goes directly from central Government to the school.

Commenting on the figures Mr Hunter said, "Once more Stockport loses out on funding from central Government. London receives a thousand pounds more per pupil than we do, again showing that the Government invests less in our schools, our pupils and their futures. Even within Greater Manchester, Stockport still doesn't get a fair share, with Manchester receiving almost double the actual amount of money than Stockport. Pupils taught in schools in Stockport rather than Manchester, often only a few miles apart, are losing out on nearly £700 each. Every child deserves to be able to access the same level of teaching, facilities and support no matter where they live, and I will continue to fight for fair treatment for our area in Parliament."

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