Cheadle MP wins top award from national road safety charity

August 4, 2009 3:15 PM

Mark is named Parliamentarian of the month for June/July 2009 by Brake, the Road Safety Charity

Mark Hunter, MP for Cheadle, has been named 'Parliamentarian of the Month' by national road safety charity Brake and Direct Line for his work in campaigning for life-saving road safety measures to tackle the issues of drug driving, uninsured drivers and speeding in the UK.

Over the past few months, Mark has been pressing for the Government to urgently introduce roadside drug testing in order to stop the carnage caused by drug driving. Following a meeting with manufacturers and industry experts, Mark is calling on the Government to step up their efforts to produce a specification for a roadside testing device. Roadside drug screening devices are already used in countries such as Germany, Australia and Finland.

Mark has also been vocal on the issue of uninsured drivers, meeting with Brake to discuss the issue earlier this year prior to a Government consultation on the subject. As well as asking many Parliamentary Questions on the issue of uninsured drivers, Mark focused on this during a House of Commons debate on road safety in June.

Mark used the debate to call on the Government to ensure that fines for driving without insurance are more than the cost of insurance. Click here to read a transcript of the debate. As a potential solution to the problem of uninsured drivers, Mark has been investigating the possibility of having a windscreen disk (similar to the car tax disk) for proof of insurance.

Mark has been contacted by his constituents about speeding drivers in his town and actively supports any local proposal to decrease speed limits on their road. He has also raised the issue of 20mph zones in Parliament a number of times, calling on the Government to review the current system for introducing 20mph zones.

Click here for more information about Mark's work and about Brake's Parliamentarian of the Month awards, supported by Direct Line.

Mark Hunter MP says: "I am delighted to have been named Parliamentarian of the month by Brake. Brake's work on road safety is renowned and it's an honour that they chose me. Road Safety is about saving lives and should therefore be at the forefront of every Parliamentarian's mind. The Government has failed to tackle the key reasons behind fatalities and injuries on our roads such as drug driving, speeding and uninsured drivers; and I'm dedicated to campaigning for real and lasting change to reduce the number of lives that are wasted in road crashes."

Sarah Fatica, General Manager at Brake, says: "Brake is delighted to name Mark as Parliamentarian of the Month to recognise his hard work in campaigning for vital measures to tackle key causes of casualties on our roads. Measures such as 20mph speed limits and roadside drug testing can save lives and there should be no further delay in implementing such changes."

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