MP presents Parkinson's bowls prizes

September 1, 2009 2:52 PM

Mark Hunter MP presenting the Chairman's Cup to Rosalind Mayall

Hon. President of the Stockport Parkinson's Disease Society and Cheadle MP, Mark Hunter, recently (Sunday 16th August) presented prizes at the Parkinson's Disease Society Annual Bowls competition at Woodley Sports Centre.

The Chairman's Cup was won by contestant Rosalind Mayall, and Mr Hunter, who is also the Vice Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Parkinson's disease, officially awarded her with the prize. Mr Hunter also awarded prizes to the lady and gentleman winner.

The Stockport branch of the Parkinson's Disease Society opened their new bowls club last October using money from the Awards for All Lottery Grant Scheme, and it's been a hit with Society members ever since. Exercise is an important part of coping with Parkinson's as it helps improve coordination and movement.

Speaking after presenting the cup Mr Hunter said, "This is a wonderful annual fixture for the Parkinson's Disease Society, all of the members really enjoy the day and competition was fierce to win the Chairman's cup. Congratulations are certainly due to Rosalind, this year's winner!

"Under the Chairmanship of Ian Anderson, the Stockport Parkinson's Society work incredibly hard for all those in the area who are suffering from Parkinson's disease, giving support, help and advice to them and their families. The Society also brings together people from across the area who suffer from the disease, giving them a chance to share their experiences and support each other.

"As the local President and Parliamentary Vice-Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Parkinson's disease group, I'm very closely involved with the Society at both a local and national level, so I was pleased to see our local branch enjoying a day of friendly competition and was very happy to present the day's winners with their prizes."

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