BAE Systems Woodford to close in 2012

September 15, 2009 2:38 PM
BAE Woodford

Mark meeting with officials from BAE Woodford

Today officials at the BAE Systems plant in Woodford confirmed with Mark Hunter, MP for the Cheadle constituency, that the site will definitely close in 2012.

The Woodford site, which manufactures Nimrod Aircraft for the RAF was hoping for a further commission from the MOD to prolong the lifespan of the site and the jobs of local workers. Mr Hunter has campaigned extensively for the continued future of site; writing to the Government, meeting with the Defence Minister, and earlier this year securing a special debate in Parliament to continue to press the Defence Minister to place an order for a further three MR4 Nimrods, in addition to the nine already being constructed at Woodford.

Today, representatives from BAE Systems confirmed that the MOD have decided to make no further Nimrod commissions, and that the Woodford site would close once it completes the current order in 2012.

Reacting to the news Mark Hunter MP said, "This is a very sad confirmation of what we unfortunately knew was coming - the site would have closed eventually, it's just disappointing that the Government chose not to secure these local jobs for a few more years.

"This decision won't only affect the many people employed by BAE. It will affect local businesses, the local community and will have a knock on effect in Bramhall and Poynton.

"Despite many attempts to procure new commissions and impassioned pleas to convince the Government to invest in British Business the MOD are adamant that after the current contract they will not commission any further Nimrod planes. BAE will therefore have no choice but to shut down the plant.

"We can only now carefully consider how the site might be used for the good of the Woodford community, and it is crucial that there is a great effort to do this."

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