Seashell Trust students celebrate college redevelopment

October 12, 2009 6:02 PM
Mark makes regular visits to the Seashell Trust and has always praised their fantastic work

Mark makes regular visits to the Seashell Trust and has always praised their fantastic work

The Seashell Trust in Cheadle completed the third and final stage of its redevelopment last week as local MP Mark Hunter unveiled a special plaque to mark the opening of its new Common Room.

Formerly the Royal School for the Deaf, the Seashell Trust operates a school, a college, and an adult residential care home for people with profound communication difficulties. The Common Room features a large open space which can be sub-divided into two separate rooms, one side of which has a room cover hoist to allow the College's most physically disabled students to be able to move safely around the space. The new facilities will also be available for wider community use.

After unveiling the plaque, Mark was served tea by students who were using the new common room to make snacks.

Commenting, Mark said:

"As a regular visitor to the Seashell Trust, it was a real honour to mark the third and final stage of the Seashell Trust's redevelopment today by opening it's brand new Common Room.

"This fantastic new development will make all the difference to the Trust's students and it is crucial that youngsters with communication problems get all the support they need and deserve.

"The new Common Room is a superb asset. It will enable students to integrate with the wider community as they come together to enjoy shared use of this fantastic new facility."

Thanking Mr Hunter for opening the new Common Room Bernie White, Head of College at the Seashell Trust, said:

"This is an eagerly awaited addition to the College. It is a wonderful space where students can socialise with each other. The student council is consulting with the students to get their ideas for developing the use of the room, but already we have plans for a music club, drama group and yoga activities.

"The community use of the facilities expands opportunities for meeting new people and joining a wide range of social and leisure activities for young adults outside of college hours.

"Community social activities and opportunities for adults with learning difficulties or who are disabled can be limited and I know that all of our students are really pleased to with the new common room and the opportunities this will offer them."

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