Government must put its House in order

November 4, 2009 12:00 AM
Mark is working hard for greater transparency in politics

Mark is working hard for greater transparency in politics

Cheadle MP Mark Hunter has welcomed the recommendations from the Kelly report into MP's expenses and urged the Government to implement the recommendations as soon as possible.

The Kelly report was an independent enquiry setup to recommend reports to MP's expenses after the scandal earlier this year. It proposes several changes such as not allowing MPs to claim for mortgages, a ban on employing relatives, and reduced travel claims.

Mark has never claimed on his family home in Bramhall, has not been asked to repay any money by the Sir Thomas Legg enquiry, and publishes his own expenses on a regular basis on his own website.

Mr Hunter has also signed a special parliamentary motion, which calls for the implementation of all of Sir Christopher Kelly's recommendations at the earliest possible opportunity, without amendment.

Commenting, Mark Hunter MP said:

"Parliament must seize this opportunity to put its House in order. Now is the time for real change - none of this political posturing we have heard in the past - it is time for action. We must accept these recommendations lock, stock and barrel.

"Voters have rightly been outraged at the misuse of taxpayers' money by a significant number of MPs who purport to serve the people. Our country and our local communities deserve better.

"I have long campaigned for greater transparency and that is why I opposed attempts by some MPs to make themselves exempt from Freedom of Information (FOI) requirements.

"It is a tragedy that the actions of some MPs have tarnished the image and reputation of Parliament as a whole. It will take a long time to restore faith and trust in politics, and we must start that important work now."

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