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Queen's Speech was a missed opportunity

November 18, 2009 1:47 PM
Mark has a strong record of working hard for greater openness and transparency in Parliament.

Mark has a strong record of working hard for greater openness and transparency in Parliament.

Today's Queen's Speech in Parliament has been described as a 'missed opportunity' by local MP Mark Hunter. Commenting afterwards he said that the speech "was more about political posturing than building a better Britain, and should have been replaced with an emergency pack of measures to reform the political system and restore faith in politics."

There are only around 70 days left when Parliament will be in session before the next General Election - meaning that most of the measures announced by the Government will not even have been implemented by the time the election takes place.

Mr Hunter backed Liberal Democrat Leader Nick Clegg's call to cancel the Queen's speech and replace it with a programme of reforms of the political system. Mr Clegg highlighted the need to reform the electoral system, to enable people to sack corrupt MPs and to have fixed term parliaments - amongst other initiatives.

Commenting after the Queen's Speech, Mark said:

"The Government need to address the country's demand for real change and reform. The nation has lost faith in politicians - it is our job to restore that faith.

"Some of the measures announced today are important for the country, but the truth is that there is not enough time to put them into practice before the next election.

"No real changes have yet been made since the outrageous expenses scandal - the widely discredited system is yet to be dismantled and replaced with one which is more open and transparent.

"There is no point in making glib promises about change and then sticking with this ragged, unworkable system. We must clean up politics for good."