MP demands action on local station

November 19, 2009 11:13 AM
Mark is pushing for improvements to our local railway stations

Mark is pushing for improvements to our local railway stations

Local MP and Liberal Democrat Transport Spokesman Mark Hunter has welcomed Tuesday's Government announcement that will bring improvements for Stockport Railway Station, but has written to Secretary of State Lord Adonis to draw his attention to the need for urgent improvements at Cheadle Hulme Station and has invited him to visit Cheadle Hulme station while he is in the Stockport area.

This Tuesday (17th November) the Government announced an extra £50 million worth of funding for the nation's least attractive rail stations. Stockport was one of those that has been earmarked for improvement and the Secretary of State is set to make a visit to the station in the near future.

Mark has written to Lord Adonis pointing out the urgent need for improvements to Cheadle Hulme Railway Station, and has invited Lord Adonis along to visit the station. Mr Hunter has also tabled a number of Parliamentary Questions about the amount of money allocated to local railway stations, and what timescale the Department of Transport has put in place for the improvements to be carried out.

Commenting, Mark said:

"I am delighted that the Government have committed to improving Stockport Railway Station but if he thinks Stockport is in a poor state, he should come and have a look at Cheadle Hulme Station which is looking very neglected and careworn.

"The fact that the work to provide access for disabled people has still not yet been started is absolutely appalling - and the railway bridges urgently need re-painting too.

"I'm encouraging Lord Adonis to join me in calling for Network Rail to tackle these problems as a matter of urgency. It's about time Cheadle Hulme became a priority too!"

"I have already tabled Parliamentary Questions over the announcement, and will be watching carefully to ensure the Government stick to their commitments to Stockport and push for extra funding for Cheadle Hulme Station, which is so badly needed."

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