Mark Hunter MP gives full support to campaign to tackle disability poverty

December 10, 2009 6:29 PM
Mark has been campaigning for improved conditions for people with disabilities

Mark has been campaigning for improved conditions for people with disabilities

On 9th December 2009 Mark Hunter attended the launch of 'Tackling Disability Poverty' - a manifesto of recommended routes out of poverty for disabled people and their families.

The Manifesto, published by Disability Alliance with over 15 national organisations' support, highlights that:

• Disabled people are twice as likely to live in poverty as other citizens

• Roughly a third of all disabled people live in poverty - especially disabled people not accessing disability benefits:

- 29% of disabled children live in poverty

- A third of working-age disabled adults live in poverty

- 29% of disabled pensioners live in poverty in households not accessing disability benefits

The Manifesto partners believe that disability poverty is avoidable and unacceptable. Vanessa Stanislas, Disability Alliance Chief Executive, says:

'Our evidence reveals the persistent poverty which blights disabled people's lives. We need the main UK political parties to commit to ensuring support for disabled people and their families.'

Commenting, Mark said:

'I welcome the Tackling Disability Poverty Manifesto recommendations and hope they will influence all UK political parties as we approach the next general election and the 2010 European Year for Combating Poverty and Social Exclusion.'

'Tackling Disability Poverty' calls for disability poverty to be measured - and for a cross-government campaign to raise awareness of disability benefits. Stephen Burke, Counsel and Care Chief Executive, says:

'We believe it is vital to support disabled people, especially older disabled people, to access entitlements. Over £5 billion is currently not claimed by older people which could tackle poverty .'

The manifesto also highlights routes out of poverty which, if followed, could be worth over £40 billion in savings to the Government.

Organisations supporting the manifesto include: Disability Alliance, Leonard Cheshire Disability, RNIB, Carers UK, Counsel and Care, DebRA, Action for ME, Prospect, CPAG, Radar, Mencap, NCIL, Allfie, the Get Fair Coalition, Sense and the Spinal Injuries Association.

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