Bankers set to bounce cheque out of Britain?

December 15, 2009 11:25 AM
Mark has lead the national campaign to save cheques

Mark has lead the national campaign to save cheques

Cheadle MP Mark Hunter is leading a cross-party campaign to stop top bankers from deciding to abolish cheques at a top level meeting of the Payments Council tomorrow (Wednesday 16th December).

The move to get rid of cheques will inconvenience millions of people who still use cheques on a daily basis. Many people - particularly the elderly, disabled and housebound - still rely on cheques as a means of payment. Due to the sheer volume of cheques used in Britain - with almost 4 million written every day - business will also suffer, experts say.

A 'save the cheque' Early Day Motion placed before Parliament by Mr Hunter has now been supported by over 100 MPs from all parties including that of Liberal Democrat Shadow Chancellor, Vince Cable.

The campaign is also backed by leading consumer group Which? and the Federation of Small Businesses. A Downing Street e-petition has also been launched and Mr Hunter has written to Alistair Darling who is yet to reply.

Commenting, Mark Hunter said:

"It's scandalous that after the banks have been bailed out with public money they are now planning to reduce their services to the public.

"As if charging us to access our own money through cash machines wasn't bad enough, the banks are also set to scrap the cheque.

"In the midst of this deep recession, the bankers are dealing a huge blow to hundreds of thousands who rely on cheques for payment - particularly the elderly - and many businesses.

"If bankers are to regain credibility, they have to start putting customers first once again."

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