Hunter to meet with Jack Straw to secure justice for Wolstenholmes victims

January 6, 2010 9:44 AM
Mark is working hard to secure justice for the Wolstenholmes victims

Mark is working hard to secure justice for the Wolstenholmes victims

Today (5 January) at Justice Questions in the House of Commons Cheadle MP Mark Hunter challenged the Secretary of State Jack Straw to reassure all those affected by the sudden closure of local law firm Wostenholmes that their money and documents were safe. Mr Straw said he shared the Cheadle MP's concerns and agreed to meet Mark to discuss the issue.

On New Years Eve the news broke that Wolstenholmes, a law firm in Heald Green, first established in 1818, had been closed down by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) and that five solicitors had their licences suspended amid claims of dishonesty and account irregularities.

Mr Hunter has been contacted by a number of distressed local residents and people from all over the country that currently have documents or money held by the firm.

In Justice Questions in the House of Commons, Mark asked Jack Straw to ensure that the concerned residents were fully compensated where appropriate. Jack Straw replied and agreed to meet with Mark to discuss the issue further.

Earlier in the day, Mark Hunter had spoken directly to the SRA and to their nominated agents, DWF Manchester, who are now handling all enquiries for former Wolstenholmes clients.

Commenting, Mark Hunter MP said:

"I'm very concerned about the sudden closure of such a long-established business. I've already heard from a number of constituents who have money and/or documents lodged with Wolstenholmes and who are worried about the consequences.

"I'm advised by the SRA that for those who fear they have lost money, it will be dealt with by the solicitors indemnity insurance or the SRA Compensation Fund. People affected should contact DWF on 0161 603 5044.

"My message is clear: I am determined to help solve this problem. I will be meeting with Jack Straw as soon as possible, I have already been in touch with the regulatory authority, and I will fight to ensure justice for all those affected by this unexpected closure."

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