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Mark Hunter

Hunter says no to hunting foxes

February 8, 2010 12:00 AM
Mark is opposed to the legalisation of fox hunting

Mark is opposed to the legalisation of fox hunting

Local MP Mark Hunter has restated his opposition to fox hunting amid Conservative hopes of the Hunting Act being repealed.

David Cameron, who when first elected used his maiden speech in Parliament to emphasise his support for fox hunting, has recently vowed to hold a vote on the repeal of the Hunting Act should the Conservatives win the forthcoming election. If the act was repealed, this would end the five year old ban on fox hunting in Britain.

Mark has vowed to vote to keep the ban, which he says has the support of many local residents as well as millions of people across the country. In fact, recent opinion polls have shown that 75% of the British public support the ban on fox hunting.

Commenting, Mark Hunter MP said:

"In my view it would be a retrograde step to revisit this issue. We cannot let this important law be repealed.

"Public opinion polls show strong support for the ban on fox hunting and I believe the Conservatives are misguided in wanting to reintroduce this cruel and barbaric "sport" for the benefit of their titled friends.

"Even though our area is largely characterised as "leafy suburbs" rather than as countryside, I know a great number of residents concerned about this issue because they have contacted me to say so. I want to say again to those concerned: if the Tories ever have the chance to go ahead with this proposal, I will do everything I can to ensure that fox hunting remains illegal."