March 2, 2010 4:57 PM
Research by Mark Hunter highlighted the shock figures

Research by Mark Hunter highlighted the shock figures

Research into new Ofgem figures by local MP Mark Hunter has shown that energy companies have made an estimated £13 million profit just across the Borough of Stockport over the last year - with a 40% increase in over the last three months.

Latest Council Tax figures show that there are 124,106 property owners across Stockport - and with a £105 profit per customer this means that energy firms have taken an estimated £13,031,130 from Stockport property holders.

Mark is calling for a change in the rules governing energy firms, arguing that companies should be forced to include how much profit they make - per pound - on every bill to every customer.

Commenting, Mark said:

"Energy companies clobbered households across Stockport even as they struggled through the cold snap.

"But this is nothing new from the energy industry. Time and again they have put profits before people, and their own interests before the customer's.

"Energy firms should be forced to show how much profit they make on every pound they charge at the bottom of every fuel bill so that customers are able to judge for themselves if they're getting value for money."

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