March 17, 2010 12:53 PM
Mark speaking at the Stroke Association event last Tuesday

Mark speaking at the Stroke Association event

Last Tuesday 9 March local MP Mark Hunter hosted a parliamentary event to build support for a new national campaign to help improve access to physiotherapy for stroke survivors.

The event marked the launch of the 'Moving On' campaign by The Stroke Association and the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy. The campaign aims to emphasise the importance of physiotherapy for stroke survivors after they are discharged from hospital.

Commenting after the event, Mark said:

"Every year in the UK 150,000 people have a stroke and it's the leading cause of adult disability. Physiotherapy can help survivors with their recovery and I'm pleased to support the 'Moving On' campaign to highlight the positive affects of post-hospital physiotherapy."

Jon Barrick, Chief Executive of The Stroke Association said:

"Contrary to public belief, people can recover after a stroke and physiotherapy plays a key part in helping survivors regain mobility and get back to normal activities. Rehabilitation can make a huge difference to stroke survivors' recovery, so we must ensure that everyone receives physiotherapy if they need it, both in hospital and when they get back into the community."

Phil Gray, Chief Executive of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy said:

"Our members are frustrated that they can't always deliver the outcomes that stroke survivors want to achieve. It's important that commissioners use resources as effectively as possible to achieve a high quality post-hospital stroke care pathway. We believe more can be done to improve stroke care in the community and we have developed new guidance to help commissioners."

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