March 22, 2010 1:24 PM
Liberal Democrat Deputy Leader Vince Cable

Liberal Democrat Deputy Leader Vince Cable

This Saturday 27th March 2010 Liberal Democrat Shadow Chancellor and Deputy Leader Vince Cable is coming to Cheadle to back local MP Mark Hunter in the forthcoming General Election.

Vince Cable is one of the most popular politicians in the country, picking a number of awards in recent years for his sharp views on the economy, and he is generally credited with forecasting the economic downturn, and how to tackle it, before most politicians.

Recently, Cable launched the Lib Dem tax pledge which aims to help low and middle income families across the country, by not paying income tax on the first £10,000 earned. This would mean that many couples would be £1400 a year better off. The proposals would be paid for by closing tax loopholes exploited by the super rich and by imposing a 1% levy on houses valued at over £2 million.

Commenting on Vince's visit, Mark said:

"I'm delighted to welcome my friend and colleague to our local area. Vince is always popular wherever he goes and it will be great to welcome him to Cheadle in support of my campaign.

"There are very few politicians held in such high esteem at the moment as Vince Cable and he is undoubtedly a major asset to the Lib Dems, especially as we head into the General Election campaign.

"Nick Clegg and Vince Cable are a great team, and having had Nick visit our constituency again only recently, we're all looking forward to welcoming Vince this weekend."

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