March 25, 2010 4:53 PM
Mark with Lib Dem colleague Vince Cable

Mark with Lib Dem colleague Vince Cable

Local MP Mark Hunter has dismissed yesterday's Budget as a 'do-nothing plan for the British economy'. Mr Hunter, who was in the House of Commons to listen first hand to the Chancellor said it was a 'golden opportunity missed by the Government to help hard pressed taxpayers and stimulate the economy at the same time'.

The MP, commenting immediately after the Chancellor's statement, continued " Instead of giving people on low and middle incomes a tax break by scrapping tax on the first £10,000 earned - worth £1,400 each year to a couple - as advocated by the Lib Dems, the Government have confirmed the freeze in personal allowances thus ensuring everyone will see a real increase in their income tax bill".

Mr Hunter was also scathing about the absence of any moves to direct nationalised banks to lend more to local businesses who regularly have great difficulty in obtaining satisfactory loan arrangements - "the feeble quango proposed by the Government is simply not the answer, we need real action now".

Overall the budget was "disappointingly timid and reflected badly on a Government that had run out of ideas, run out of steam, and run out of time", he concluded.

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